Are ST2AR and La Trobe University related?

ST2AR and La Trobe University are not directly related; however, one of our initial directors was Dr. Bryan Found who, together with Dr. Dick Rogers, ran the Forensic Expertise Profiling Laboratory (FEPL) at La Trobe University, Australia a program that produced a great deal of valuable research into proficiency of forensic examiners, particularly forensic document examiners.

The earliest tests administered by ST2AR were jointly conducted (designed and implemented) with FEPL as you can see from the PTIP (Post-Test Information Package) for those early tests:

PTIP introduction slide

The end of the FEPL program was anticipated and one of the reasons for the creation of ST2AR was to continue providing valuable skill-task testing for forensic professional when the FEPL program ceased operations.

To that end, ST2AR continues to use the same protocols and test design for our barrage-style signature testing.

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