Marie Durina

ST2AR awards a Gold Star to Ms. Marie Durina for her research of assessing the skill level of forensic document examiners in comparing the handwriting of a homogenous population of writers. She presented findings at the recent American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE) Annual Conference in Dearborn, MI. Ms. Durina’s research project included 52 writers and their teachers who were taught the same copybook style (Palmer) at the same Catholic elementary school approximately 4 decades ago.

The study sought to find supporting evidence that:

Marie Durina

1) There is a high degree of inter-writer variation among writers, even in populations where the driving forces for variation are low; and

2) Among these populations, FDEs would still be able to extract features from the writing samples that enable them to attribute authorship.

The research also hopes to answer criticisms that earlier studies on the uniqueness of handwriting (e.g. Dr. Srihari’s) did not include populations from “homogeneous writing communities”, and relied on computer analysis of handwriting, rather than on human examiners.

ST2AR recognizes Marie Durina and other researchers for providing significant research and testing opportunities to the field of forensic document examination. Congratulations to Ms. Durina!