ST2AR is Skill Task Training Assessment & Research, Inc.

ST2AR is an International Non-profit Organization dedicated to the advancement of the Forensic Sciences. It is our goal to provide the tools necessary to resolve challenges facing the forensic science community driven by recent court decisions. We do this through the provision of specialized training (workshops/seminars), proficiency and competency testing (skill-task assessment/tests), and conducting or supporting necessary research.

Executive Council

ST2AR is directed by a six (6) person “Executive Council”. Members of the Executive Council, each with equal voting rights, are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization.

The Executive Council currently consists of:

  • Jan Seaman Kelly (bio)
  • Derek L. Hammond (bio)
  • Linda Jones (bio)
  • Mara Merlino (bio)
  • Jonathan Morris (bio)
  • Brent Ostrum (bio)