Our Mission

ST2AR’s mission is the advancement of the Forensic Sciences by offering forensic related training, administering skill-task testing, and supporting research in the forensic sciences.

ST2AR is Skill Task Training Assessment & Research, Inc., an International Non-profit Organization dedicated to the Advancement of the Forensic Sciences.

ST2AR was created to be in the vanguard addressing recent developments and challenges in the Forensic Science Community (FSC).

ST2AR is not a membership organization.

ST2AR was created to offer current, long-term benefits within the legal, law enforcement and forensic science communities.

ST2AR provides the tools necessary to resolve challenges facing the forensic science community driven by recent court decisions.

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NEW Skill Task Assessment (STA) coming soon!! 

This STA will provide participants with the opportunity to assess their skills/abilities in examining stylized signatures.
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